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  • New Orleans

    The Big Easy

    Experience the unique atmosphere and attitude towards life.

  • New Orleans

    Garden District

    Take a walk through New Orleans Garden District and explore the beauty of the Crescent City.

  • New Orleans

    The Sound of Jazz

    Welcome to the birthplace of Jazz! Here you can find vibrant music everywhere!

  • New Orleans


    Take a tour on the Mississippi River.

  • New Orleans


    Enjoy the famous beignets with a delicious cup of coffee.

New Orleans

„The Big Easy' is the American nickname for New Orleans – with good reason. Literally speaking, it stands for a great sense of easygoingness and brimming with life. And this is exactly what you will find in New Orleans. Here, everything is slower, simpler and easy-going. People are proud of their historic past, their own character and of the fact that they are different from people anywhere else in the United States.

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Karen's Insider Tip

As there are so many great things in New Orleans and it is currently still the season, my tip for you until the end of May: Eat crawfish! These little funny crawfish are freshly prepared and served as crawfish boil (with spices, potato and corn) in many restaurant. A culinary highlight you don’t want to miss.

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