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IPW celebrates 50th anniversary in Denver

Denver's #IPW50 Celebration

Thank you all for a successful IPW 2018. As every year, it was an intense time for our Wiechmann Ladies. Nevertheless, it was an exciting and fun time for Rita, Debbie, Karen and Simone to meet with your clients, partners and friends in Denver to celebrate the 50th anniversary of IPW. Our clients Philadelphia, New Orleans & Louisiana, Dallas & Fort Worth, Allied TPro and Illinois were grateful for support from Germany. In addition to the numerous appointments, there was great entertainment during lunch breaks, with B52 and Broadway musicals as well as exciting evening events, including one at the Denver Center for Performing Arts as well as the Mile High Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos.

The highlight, however, was the final concert of One Republic in the Red Rocks Amphitheater, situated between two 100m high sandstone cliffs. With fabulous weather and at 1965m above sea level, all participants of IPW could enjoy the unique and spectacular concert. A night we will never forget!

Take a look at what Rita, Debbie, Karen and Simone were up to in Denver.

Denver IPW 2018 Denver IPW 2018
Bronco's Mile High Stadium Bronco's Mile High Stadium
Evening Event at Mile High Stadium Evening Event at Mile High Stadium
Mile High Stadium Denver Mile High Stadium Denver