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Allied T-Pro

Allied T-Pro is a leading inbound agency in the U.S. market. Headquartered in New York and with presence in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando and Hawaii, Allied T-Pro offers distinct product lines, such as Première - A VIP Concierge Experience, Escorted Tours and Leisure & MICE Group Travel, to well known tour and travel providers in over 50 countries around the world. Account Manager: Dayana Gschechowiak Phone: +49 (0) 69 25538 240 Email:


Who says cowboys and modern age don't fit together? Welcome to Dallas - a city filled with fashion, fun, coolness and western style all in one. Dallas captivates with its culinary diversity, thrilling sights, impressive arts, award-winning golf courses, as well as tax-free shopping. A nearly 20-block arts district, 9.000 restaurants, 73.000 hotel rooms, a vast number of outdoor and family activities, and the certain 'Wild West' atmosphere when you visit a rodeo leave nothing to be desired. Account Manager: Karen Gilsdorf Phone: +49 (0) 69 25538 290 Email:

Fort Worth

Discover the city of cowboys and culture - Fort Worth. Comprised of eight primary entertainment districts each offering distinct dining, shopping, entertainment and cultural amenities. In only a few days you can enjoy a range of experiences: from NASCAR racing to rodeos, world-class museums to cowboy cuisine, boutique shopping to a Top 5 zoo, biking to horseback riding. Explore each of our unique districts to see what Fort Worth has to offer you. Account Manager: Karen Gilsdorf Tel.: +49 (69) 25538 270 Email:


Situated in the Midwest of the United States, Illinois offers a fascinating mixture of cultures from all over the world, big-city life in Chicago and diverse landscapes. Illinois is about the size of England and Wales and is surrounded by Lake Michigan, Wabash and Ohio Rivers and the famous Mississippi River. The legendary Route 66 starts here in Illinois and offers a unique way to experience the American Heartland with its charming small towns, Shopping Outlets and National Parks. Account Manager: Simone Saxer Tel.: +49 (69) 25538 280 Email:

Great River Road

Along the Mississippi River the Great River Road winds 800 kilometers through Illinois from East Dubuque to Cairo. A breathtaking landscape, thousands of years of history with beautiful towns like Galena as well as the 'Ol´ Man River' invite visitors to discover this country. Nine generals of the Civil War and also the 18th President of the USA, Ulysses S. Grant, called the Great Rivers Country their home.


Only about an hours drive from Chicago you will find Rockford, a typical Midwest All American City! The surrounding features farmland that ranks among the most fertile in the country, whereas the city accommodates outstanding scientific and cultural treasures.

New Orleans

„The Big Easy' is the American nickname for New Orleans – with good reason. Literally speaking, it stands for a great sense of easygoingness and brimming with life. And this is exactly what you will find in New Orleans. Here, everything is slower, simpler and easy-going. People are proud of their historic past, their own character and of the fact that they are different from people anywhere else in the United States. Account Manager: Karen Gilsdorf Phone: +49 (0) 69 25538 270 Email:


Be enchanted by the mysterious charm of the Old South with its unspoiled swamplands, magnificent plantations and stately antebellum homes in breathtaking landscapes - or immerse yourself in Louisiana's vibrant cities where you will find an endless number of cultural attractions and recreational activities. Don't miss out on the attractions that are waiting for you right in the heart of Louisiana: take a Mississippi river cruise aboard a genuine steamboat or visit a historic plantation such as Oak Alley, Nottoway or Laura Plantation. Account Manager: Karen Gilsdorf Phone: +49 (0) 69 25538 270 Email:


Philadelphia is the second largest city on the east coast and mainly known as the birthplace of the USA. Temporarily the first capital of the United States, Philadelphia offers more historic sites related to the American history than any other city in the US. These include the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, only to name a few monuments of the American democracy displayed in Philadelphia. The original center city still exists: located in a central square is the impressive town hall with different reliefs and sculptures such as the statue of William Penn on the rooftop. Account Manager: Simone Saxer Phone: +49 (0) 69 25538 250 Email:

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